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Community Food Project (CFP)

In a nutshell, our mission is to have more of the food that is consumed in the valley produced in the valley. 

We envision a more sustainable, local food production and supply system that fosters the economic health of our communities and farms, the social and physical health of our citizens, and the environmental health of our valley.  

It is time for all communities, world-wide, to take charge of their own food systems.

"For each percent more (state wide) that we eat of Montana-produced foods, we add about
            $30 million to the state's economy." - - Bruce Smith, Extension agent for Dawson County.

We started focusing on building a Local Food System for two reasons:
  - - because we saw the importance of building a local economy and a local food system is the key to a local economy,
  - - and because industrial agriculture food is making us sick.  The Western (corporate) diet = Western diseases.
To learn more about this, read the Mindful Eating Articles.

Community Food Security means that....
...all people in the community at all times have access to
safe, healthy, and affordable food through a sustainable food system.

Community Food Assessment - - Report Summary (18 pages)
CFP Report - Summary

Community Food Assessment - - Full Report Sections:


       History of Ag. in the Bitterroot by Allen Bjergo

       History of Bitter Root Stockgrowers Assn. by Rob Johnson

Also useful is this [2005 Ag. History by David Schultz]

Farmer/Rancher Survey

   Meat Processor Survey

       Value-added Producer Survey

Consumer Survey

 School Food Service Survey      
     Restaurant Survey      

 Institution Survey

      Grocery Store Survey

Policy Issues Pertinent to Local Foods

Consumer Resources

Producer Resources

          App. 1 - Ravalli Co. Farm Census Data, 1920 - 2007

App. 2 - List of what is produced in the valley

App. 3 - Consumer Survey Tables

App. 4 - The Plan

Map - Ag. Soils in Ravalli Co. - N. half

Map - Ag. Soils in Ravalli Co. - S. half

Ag. Soils map Legend

Briefing Paper for Meat Producers - Selling Meat Locally - Three Ways

Briefing Paper for Vegie & Fruit Producers - Selling Produce Locally

The Community Food Assessment used our own surveys.   We conducted all surveys except the Consumer survey via one-on-one interviews, either in person or on the phone.   

CFP Assessment Tasks   --  this is the project description (one-page) flier.

If you wish to see our surveys, ask Jill.