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Vegie Seed Warning - re/ gmo contamination - recent article from Organic Seed Alliance

SLS is a plaintiff in a lawsuit re/ the Patenting of Life - - vs Monsanto !!   Here is the Press Release ..."On behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations across the nation and in Canada, the Public Patent Foundation filed suit (on 3/29) in New York against Monsanto to challenge the global seed giant's patents on genetically modified seed."  Here is the full  Complaint which spells out the case very well.  This suit aims to throw out (invalidate) Monsanto's crop patents and to stop them from suing farmers for patent infringement.  The plaintiff organizations have over 270,000 members, including thousands of certified organic family farmers.
     We are the only organization in Mt. involved as a plaintiff.   If you want to be a participant, you may demonstrate your support for our work and become a member of SLS by sending us a donation.  (see donation page)

Sprouting a Local Virtual Seed Bank

Do you think a seed bank serving the Bitterroot (and beyond) would be worthwhile?

Our vision is a web-based seed information service, with seeds stored by many people in many places throughout the valley, and trading, sharing, or bartering occurring. 

 If you would be interested in participating, please join a discussion about this..
Send a message to Jill at or
Larry at or call him at 821-3110.

If you just want to purchase seed here are Jill's Seeds for sale:   Jill's Seeds for 2012

Seed Growers Network - - This page has information about the seeds that are currently being saved by some of the growers in the valley.   Send what you are saving to Jill and she will add them to the list.  

A Typology of Community Seed Banks - - This is a very detailed article from a University in the U.K., in pdf format, about different types of Seed Banks. 

Note From Larry:
"I see seed saving as an essential part of a local food economy and future food security. Dependence on distant seed sources is becoming more of a gamble. Locally grown, locally proven varieties would lead to more dependable and productive crops.

The synergy of a community seed bank seems like good insurance against the vagaries of individual seed stashes, which are vulnerable to crop failure, raids by mice, etc, etc. It would also contribute to a diversity of genetic varieties available to local growers.

Centralization of seed seems to go against nature, so it seems that a decentralized approach would be more efficient and secure. One model would be a virtual bank where members store their own seed and offer it for sale or exchange via the internet. Information about who has what, what does well here, how to cultivate and save, etc, etc. will be posted on this SLS web page.

This model is open for discussion and improvement. It is offered as something to work with and is relatively doable because it does not require a building or a staff person."