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If you are a gardener and would like to contribute toward future food security in the Bitterroot Valley,  please consider adopting a crop.  Locally adapted, heirloom seeds are a very valuable asset that can contribute to the future well being of our communities.  This valuable resource must be regularly planted in the ground to renew its vigor.   Information regarding what you need to know in order to keep your adopted crop pure and genetically rich can be provided by the growers below.   

We specialize in seeds for crops that are acclimated for this area, are open-pollinated, non-gmo, not patented, and that also would be a valuable crop for a local food system.

Below is a list of seeds held by some of the seed savers in the network. We look forward to working with you if you have an interest in producing and saving seeds.


If you just want to purchase seed here are Jill's Seeds that are for sale: Jill's Seeds for 2012


 SEEDS  in the Seed Bank Network        
crop  Variety Name adopted by information       


most recent increase

original source  
bean, dry Indian woman Jill Yellow   '08, '09 Bevan  
bean, dry Mitla Black Tepary Jill vine '08, '09 Seeds of Change    
bean, fava, dry Windsor Jill '09. '10 gcs  
Lathyrus sativus grass pea Jill for green manure '08 Ag. Canada/Mt.St.Univ  
bean, green roma Jill bush '10 gcs  
bean, green blue lake Jill bisj '10 gcs    
bean, green royal purple pod Jill bush '05 gcs  
calypso bean   Larry   2007 gcs    
beet chiogga Larry   2007 gcs    
beet Cylindra Jill long, red '10 gcs  
carrott scarlet keeper Jill best keeper '09 gcs  
carrott scarlet nantes Larry 2007 gcs  
parsnip Harris Jill '06 Fedco  
corn painted mountain Larry   2007 gcs    
corn, dry painted mountain Jill indian corn '05 Dave Christensen  
grains perennial rye CCFarm? 99 NWARC  
grains winter rye CCFarm?   '04 Bevan  
lettuce green romaine Jill romaine '03 gcs  
lettuce red romaine Jill romaine '09, '10 wchi  
Orach red orach Jill orach '09, '10 Jill's garden  
Spinach Bloomsdale Jill '10 Jill's garden  
arugula Arugula Jill arugula '10 High Mowing  
cilantro cilantro Jill cilantro '09, '10 gcs  
pea sugar snap Jill edible pod, 3' '09, '10 Jill's garden  
pea sugar snap Jill edible pod, 6' '09, '10 gcs  
pea Sugar Anne Jill edible pod, early '05 gcs  

Oregon sugar pod

Jill snow pea '10 gcs  
garlic spanish roja Jill hardneck yearly a friend  
squash B'root Buttercup Larry winter 2007 gcs    
squash B'root Buttercup Jill Winter '08, '09, '10 Jill's garden  
squash Bevan's Buttercup Jill Winter '08, '09 Bevan  

note:  gcs = garden city seeds

Jill actually sells seeds, contact her for a current seed list.