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Gretchen Langton
- President - born and bred in the Victor area, graduated from Stevensville H.S. in 1987, obtained a B.A. in Political Science (pre-law) from Mt. State Univ., with a minor in English; obtained a M.A. in English from Univ. of Oregon.   Now living off the grid in a yurt on her property in the Victor area and is building an Earthship home there.  She is a  practicing massage therapist (Tipi Rock Therapy) and is also very busy being a mother to a rambunctious little girl named Lilly.



Alica Mariana-Sec/Treas. - has been involved in various aspects of business and office management for many years.   After selling a wood working business, Alice became mail order manager for a local seed company, then store manager for the organic garden store and nursery.  Now works at RCEDA.


Daniel Ray-- and his wife Katherine live in a self built cob home in Stevensville Montana and are currently building a second bale cob house in the Victor area. Daniel holds a Master's degree in Library and Information Studies and works at the North Valley Public Library in Stevensville. Daniel and Katherine have a passion for Natural building and its suitability for low cost, self built, sustainable architecture. They believe everyone is entitled to having a toxin free home that they can enjoy while also being free from debt. They hope to develop their own natural building company and are currently posting all of their projects on their blog at

Janis Cooper - grew up in Maine, and consider myself at the core, a 'maniac'. However, I fell in love with the mountains of Montana in 1968 and moved here lock, stock (specifically horses), and barrel in 1978. During those earlier years I worked, among many things, as a seasonal employee for the Forest Service. Starting w/bare land on the west side of the Bitterroots, my then partner and I built a shed, garage, barn and house (in that order). I kept horses, sheep (for handspinning wool), and chickens. In 1993, after graduating from the University of Montana with an MA in Sociology, I worked in various MT State human service positions for the next 15 years. I accepted a Grant Coordinator position in an Alaskan school system for the 2007-8 school season. Currently back in the Bitterroot Valley, I live and am employed in Hamilton. To mention a few of the activities that feed my soul, I enjoy gardening, cross-country skiing, kayaking, and hiking.


Kezia Coon - grew up in this valley, was home schooled, is now attending B'root Community College and taking nutrition and food related courses, and is the director of our Food Sharing Project, pictured here with a load of squash that was distributed to low income people in 2009.


Jill Davies - (STAFF) - Director - got her bachelors degree in mathematics, but after a taste of graduate school changed course and went into more holistic studies.   She studied Biodynamics in England in the early '70's; worked in the gardens on a commune in the French Alps and on a Biodynamic truck farm in Switzerland before returning to the US.   She went back to England in 1999 to attend a course at Schumacher College on biotechnology in agriculture and has been active in that issue ever since.